Alon Ilsar is an Australian drummer, composer, sound designer and instrument designer. He is currently designing a new interface for electronic percussionists called the AirSticks, using the instrument in projects such as The Sticks, Silent Spring, Malarkey, Kirin J Callinan and Brian Campeau. He has also been heavily involved in theatre and film as drummer, composer and sound designer. His diverse projects include Keating! the Musical, Eddie Perfect, Meow Meow, Tim Minchin, Circus Monoxide, Zohar’s Nigun, Aronas, Captain Kirkwood, The Colors Tribute Band, Gauche, Trigger Happy and Darth Vegas. Most recently he underscored the Sydney Theatre Company production of ‘Mojo’ on solo drum kit and Scottish production ‘Kind of Silence’ on AirSticks and drum kit.




Daniel Pliner is a keyboard player and composer currently living in Sydney. He has a
bachelor of music from UNSW. Projects include Asthmatix, Darth Vegas, the Strides, Slimey Things, Zohar’s Nigun, Sydney’s top Latino groups such as Son Veneno, Watussi, and Reyes de la Onda. Tours include with Felix Baloy (Cuba), Ordequis Reve (Cuba), Luis Valle (Japan) and Edwin Bonilla (Miami). He recently composed music for a production of Dario Fo’s the Open Couple directed by Colombian actor Alexander Palacio. In 2008 he performed with physical
theatre company, Legs on the Wall, at the Opera House in their production Bubble.




Josh Ahearn is a Sydney based bass player. Projects include Sketch The Rhyme (as musical director), a multimedia project combining completely improvised hip-hop with speed drawing and live music which has been performed at Edinburgh Fringe, TED X and Sydney Comedy Festival, Luke Escombe,  Petulant Frenzy, The Green Mohair Suits, Caitlin Park, The Maple Trail, Squat Club, The Bakery, Earl Gray and Christa Hughes.